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  • Controversies in COPD

    The new ERS Monograph, Controversies in COPD, is available now.

  • Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine

    The updated second edition of Self-Assessment includes 261 multiple-choice questions, using clinical vignettes to test both knowledge and the application of knowledge in daily practice.

  • The ERS Practical Handbook of NIV

    A concise "why and how to", from the basics of equipment and patient selection to discharge planning and community care.

  • Lung Cancer Awareness Month

    November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. To mark the event, ERS is offering a €10 discount on all copies of Lung Cancer ordered by 30 November.

News from ERS Publications

November 25, 2015

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. To mark this event, the ERS is offering a €10 discount on all copies of the Lung Cancer ERS Monograph ordered by 30 November 2015. Visit to buy your copy.

November 24, 2015

A training aid in the form of an iPhone/iPad app is available, which features questions and explanations from the ERS Handbook Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine. The app is CME-accredited by EBAP and can be set up as a learning tool or an assessment test. It is free to download and comes with the first set of 11 questions included. Download the app here.

November 23, 2015

ERS Practical Handbook of Noninvasive Ventilation – a concise "why and how to" guide to NIV
ERS Handbook Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine – tests and improves your knowledge 
ERS Handbook of Respiratory Medicine – a compact guide to the key areas in respiratory medicine
ERS Handbook of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine – covers anatomy, development, rehabilitation and treatment
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About the ERS books

The ERS Monograph is the quarterly book series from the European Respiratory Society. Each Monograph covers a specific area of respiratory medicine, providing in-depth reviews that give clinicians at all levels a concise, comprehensive guide to symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. 

The ERS Handbooks are compact guides to broad areas of the respiratory field. Launched in 2010, the series now covers adult, paediatric and sleep respiratory medicine, and a companion volume of self-assessment questions is available.

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Buying books on this website

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