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About the ERS books

The ERS Monograph is the quarterly book series from the European Respiratory Society. Each Monograph covers a specific area of respiratory medicine, providing in-depth reviews that give clinicians at all levels a concise, comprehensive guide to symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

The ERS Handbooks are compact guides to broad areas of the respiratory field. Launched in 2010, the series now covers adult, paediatric and sleep respiratory medicine, and a companion volume of self-assessment questions is available. In 2015, the first ERS Practical Handbook, on Noninvasive Ventilation, was added to the series

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This page is for purchasers of printed copies of ERS Monographs published after December 2016, Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine or the ERS Practical Handbook of Noninvasive Ventilation.

Older books

If you have purchased one of the other ERS Handbooks and wish to activate your online access, please visit one of the following links.

Older editions of the ERS Monographs do not include online access, although ERS members have access to them as part of their membership. 

ERS Monographs since December 2016 or ERS Handbooks since 2015

The inside cover of the book contains a unique code that provides free access to the online version. To use the code, follow the instructions below. 

  1. If you do not already have an account (i.e. you are not a member of the ERS), click Log In and then click Create new account.

  2. Complete the details on the form that appears, creating your own username. You must complete the boxes marked with a *

  3. When you have successfully created an account, you will see this message:

  4. From the ERS Books dropdown, select Monographs and Handbooks Online. Click Add to Cart next to the relevant book. 

  5. Next, log in using the account details you just created.

  6. You will see the publication in your cart. Click Proceed to Checkout.

  7. At the Checkout, click Add Coupon and enter the seven-digit code from the inside front cover of your book into the box that appears. The Order Total should then change to $0.00.

  8. Complete your billing address, remembering to change the country so that the system recognises your zip code/postcode, then click Confirm Your Order.

  9. You will then see confirmation of your order. To read the issue, click Continue to European Respiratory Society Publications, then Read Now next to the relevant book. You will now be able to read the online version of the book.

This page was updated on 20 September, 2017